Be Involved with in+care

As a Partner in+care, you commit to doing a little more during the coming year to keep yourself in care and help others living with HIV/AIDS stay in care. In return, the Campaign commits to providing you with opportunities to learn more and get better at:

  • Self-care – Taking care of yourself and partnering with your doctor, other medical staff, case
    managers and others to get the most from your HIV care and treatment.
  • Supporting others – Reaching out to others living with HIV/AIDS to help them stick with their HIV care. If they have stopped their care, you will help them get back to seeing their doctor and HIV care providers on a regular basis.
  • Improving care for everyone – Getting involved and providing advice to improve the quality of
    services offered through the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program.

Partners in Change

As Partners in+care, we will work together in the coming year to make changes that will ultimately improve our health and create healthier communities.

We share what we know so we all get better at:

  • Seeing our doctor and HIV care providers on a regular basis
  • Reaching out and supporting others so they see their doctors and HIV care providers on a regular basis – especially those who are new to HIV care or who have stopped regular visits
  • Making sure we all get the full benefit of care and treatment in order to improve our health

Partners in+care Resources

When you join the in+care Campaign as a Partner you connect with others living with HIV/AIDS and those working on their behalf. You join a community of people committed to sharing resources and learning from each other.

In the coming year you will get:

  • Webinars designed just for you.
  • Opportunities to share your experiences with others.
  • Information to help you and your communities.
  • Campaign updates about opportunities to connect with others in your area who are part of the in+care Campaign, and new information available through the Partners in+care Web page.