Who is involved

Health Resources and Services Administration HIV/AIDS Bureau: Provides leadership and resources to assure access to and retention in high quality, integrated care and treatment services for vulnerable people living with HIV/AIDS and their families.

National Quality Center: The National Quality Center (NQC) provides no-cost, state-of-the-art technical assistance to all Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program-funded grantees to improve the quality of HIV care nationwide.

Technical Working Group: The Technical Working Group is comprised of distinguished experts in the field of retention who will advise the HIV/AIDS Bureau, NQC, Planning Committee, and coaches on content issues for the in+care Campaign. Members of this Group include clinical experts, researchers, national stakeholders, and other strategic thinkers from Ryan White and other health care communities.

Dr. Bruce Agins, Medical Director of the New York State Department of Health AIDS Institute, and Dr. Laura Cheever, Deputy Director and Chief Medical Officer of the HIV/AIDS Bureau co-chair this Committee.

Planning Committee: The Planning Committee is comprised of NQC staff, grantee and consumer representatives, NQC and HIVQUAL-US consultants, as well as representatives from the HIV/AIDS Bureau.

The Planning Committee provides general direction for the in+care Campaign, and deals with day-to-day logistical decisions relating to the functioning of the Campaign. It also routinely discusses the progression of the campaign; routinely reviews aggregated data reports and provides feedback; reviews the timetable of the Campaign; and ensures that critical milestones are met.

Coaches: Improvement coaches for the in+care Campaign are comprised of NQC and HIVQUAL consultants. They provide individual support to participating grantees and will be on the Planning Committee.

Coaches assist in identifying any individual challenges that arise in your efforts to meet Campaign goals and assist local improvement activities.

Consumers: Consumers are partners in the in+care Campaign to promote awareness about the Campaign and how retention can improve their health, increase self-care, reach out to others living with HIV to help them stay in care or return to care, and become leaders in local quality improvement efforts to promote retention.

The National Quality Center Consumer Advisory Committee’s Work Group provides advice on activities to engage consumers in the Campaign. Consumers who would like to learn about how to become involved with this Work Group should contact us at incare@NationalQualityCenter.org.