Welcome to the in+care Campaign

The Health Resources and Services Administration HIV/AIDS Bureau together with the National Quality Center (NQC) have teamed up on a national retention campaign like no other; a campaign where you can have an immediate impact over the health and well-being of your HIV patients. We will be focusing on the simple idea that when patients stay in care they get the services that they need, leading to healthier people and stronger communities.

If you are looking for a way to make a greater difference in the lives of your patients here is your chance. Join us. Join our community of learners.

This year, NQC is celebrating it’s 10 year anniversary of providing quality management technical assistance and coaching to Ryan White grantees. Click here to check out Clemens Steinbock’s blog posting at the AETC blog!

National HIV Reports

Click on the links below to see the latest in national HIV reports.

Data Submission Periods
Data Submission Time Table

The Latest CAREWare Build, 594, is Now Available!

The new build contains a number of new features in addition to enabling the in+care Campaign performance measure #2 – medical visit frequency. HRSA HAB strongly urges you to upgrade if you can so that you can use the new RSR client lookup feature! Please visit: http://hab.hrsa.gov/manageyourgrant/careware.html to upgrade. It should genuinely assist you in cleaning up your data and filling in some holes before you submit your RSR.

Campaign Progress

Number of providers and sub-providers that have joined the campaign


Number of HIV patients served by participating providers (not unduplicated)


Click map to see list of enrolled agencies by state

U.S. map showing locations of participating HIV/AIDS healthcare organizations


in+care Campaign Coaching

You have access to a Quality Improvement Coach as a participant in the in+care Campaign. If you have a specific question for your coach or would like to request technical assistance around the Campaign and designing QI interventions, email your coach using the table below. You will automatically receive coaching feedback on all Data and Improvement Update submissions you make through the Campaign.

Alabama Sherry Martin
Alaska Barbara Rosa
Arizona Barbara Rosa
Arkansas Sherry Martin
California Barbara Rosa
Colorado Kevin Garrett
Connecticut Nanette Brey-Magnani
Delaware Hollie Malamud-Price
District of Columbia Hollie Malamud-Price
Florida Judith Pasella
Georgia Judith Pasella
Hawaii Barbara Rosa
Idaho Barbara Rosa
Illinois (Downstate) BJ Boshard
Illinois (Greater Chicago) Nanette Brey-Magnani
Indiana Dan Sendzik
Iowa BJ Boshard
Kansas BJ Boshard
Kentucky Dan Sendzik
Louisiana Sherry Martin
Maine Nanette Brey-Magnani
Maryland Hollie Malamud-Price
Massachusetts Nanette Brey-Magnani
Michigan Hollie Malamud-Price
Minnesota BJ Boshard
Mississippi Nanette Brey-Magnani
Missouri BJ Boshard
Montana Kevin Garrett
Nebraska BJ Boshard
Nevada Barbara Rosa
New Hampshire Nanette Brey-Magnani
New Jersey Dan Sendzik
New Mexico Barbara Rosa
New York (Downstate, Central, North Country) Susan Weigl
New York (Western) Nanette Brey-Magnani
North Carolina Lori DeLorenzo
North Dakota BJ Boshard
Ohio Hollie Malamud-Price
Oklahoma BJ Boshard
Oregon Barbara Rosa
Pennsylvania (Eastern, excluding Philadelphia). Nanette Brey-Magnani
Pennsylvania (Phildalphia) Hollie Malamud-Price
Pennsylvania (Western) Hollie Malamud-Price
Puerto Rico Maria LaComba
Rhode Island Nanette Brey-Magnani
South Carolina BJ Boshard
South Dakota BJ Boshard
Tennessee Dan Sendzik
Tennessee (Memphis) Sherry Martin
Texas Sherry Martin
Utah Kevin Garrett
Vermont Nanette Brey-Magnani
Virginia Lori DeLorenzo
Washington Barbara Rosa
West Virginia Hollie Malamud-Price
Wisconsin BJ Boshard